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  • In the United States, many people find substance abuse and addiction treatment programs too expensive. 

    Fortunately, health insurance companies such as Cigna can cover some or all of your treatment costs.

    What Types Of Substance Abuse Treatment Does Cigna Cover?

    Cigna offers a variety of health insurance plans. Some Cigna health plans cover all types of addiction treatment, while other plans only cover some types of treatment.

    To determine what types of treatment your plan covers, call the number on the back of your Cigna insurance card, visit the Cigna website to review your policy, or contact a drug rehab center with your insurance information ready. 

    Does Cigna Cover Detoxification Programs?

    Depending on your medical needs and type of insurance plan, Cigna plans may cover medical detoxification. Be prepared to prove you have a medical need for detox services.

    Detox programs use support, supervision, and the occasional use of medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and help prepare your mind and body for treatment.

    Does Cigna Cover Inpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

    Depending on the plan, Cigna coverage may apply to inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is a good option for people who have severe addictions or lack strong support systems at home. 

    At an inpatient program, you receive 24/7 care and monitoring while living at an addiction treatment center. 

    Inpatient programs provide recovery-focused services such as:

    • medical detox
    • mental health counseling
    • group therapy 
    • wellness activities like exercise, yoga, and meditation

    Does Cigna Cover Outpatient Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

    Cigna is likely to cover some outpatient services for addiction, depending on the specifics of your plan. 

    This treatment option works best for people who have milder addictions and strong support systems at home.

    Does Cigna Cover Intensive Outpatient Treatment?

    Intensive outpatient programs, or IOPs, resemble regular outpatient treatment programs, except they require more frequent attendance. Most people go for three hours about three to five times a week. The details of your specific plan will determine if an IOP is covered.

    Does Cigna Cover Partial Hospitalization Programs?

    Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) provide comprehensive recovery services while allowing you to live at home. However, you attend the program very regularly, usually four to six hours at least five days a week. Check your plan details to see a PHP is covered.

    Does Cigna Cover Methadone Or Suboxone Treatment?

    Whether Cigna covers medication-assisted treatment programs, such as methadone maintenance or services at a Suboxone clinic, depends on your medical needs and the type of plan you have.

    These programs use a combination of FDA-approved medications and behavioral therapy to address opioid use disorders.

    Does Cigna Cover Medication-Assisted Treatment For Alcohol Addiction?

    Cigna may cover some medication-assisted treatment programs for alcohol use disorder, depending on your needs and specific insurance plan.

    These programs use medications like disulfiram, Antabuse, and naltrexone to reduce alcohol cravings and dependence. Your medication will likely be combined with other treatment services, such as behavioral therapy or peer support groups.

    Where Are Cigna Plans Available?

    Cigna offers medical plans that may cover behavioral health services in the following states:

    However, please be advised that Cigna plans may only be available in certain counties of the above states.

    Types Of Cigna Health Plans

    Cigna offers health maintenance organization (HMO) plans, exclusive provider organization (EPO) plans, point-of-service (POS) plans, and preferred provider organization (PPO) plans.


    Compared to other plans, HMO plans typically have lower monthly premiums (the amount you pay each month for the plan). However, they often have higher deductibles and don’t offer coverage for out-of-network health care providers (providers who don’t have a contract with Cigna). 

    HMOs also require referrals from your primary care provider (PCP) to see specialists.


    Like HMOs, most EPOs don’t offer coverage for out-of-network providers. On the positive side, they usually don’t require referrals to see specialists.


    While most PPOs have higher monthly premiums than HMOs and EPOs, they offer coverage for out-of-network providers and don’t require referrals to see specialists. 


    Many people consider POS a combination of PPO and HMO. While this plan offers coverage for out-of-network providers (like a PPO), it requires referrals to see specialists (like an HMO). 


    No matter which Cigna insurance policy you choose, you’ll probably need preauthorization to see an out-of-network provider for substance abuse or addiction treatment. 

    That means Cigna must determine that the treatment you want to receive from an out-of-network provider is medically necessary. 

    Cigna Behavioral Health

    Along with the individual plans described above, Cigna also provides a Behavioral Health and Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 

    If your employer offers this program, you may have access to services that can help you maintain your addiction recovery, such as virtual counseling sessions and 24/7 crisis support.

    If you or a loved one struggles with drug or alcohol abuse, please contact an Ark Behavioral Health specialist to verify your insurance benefits and learn about our comprehensive treatment options.

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