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  • SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is a non-profit, abstinence-oriented organization that helps those suffering from addiction. 

    SMART Recovery offers a variety of helpful strategies to help address addiction, including support groups and self-help programs.

    Those with addictive behaviors will likely find the offerings at SMART Recovery to be beneficial. The SMART Recovery program can help you live a more balanced life that keeps you on the road to your addiction recovery.

    What Is SMART Recovery?

    SMART Recovery is a global community of mutual support groups. Those who participate in the offered groups will understand more about their drug addiction and be able to discuss matters with others who suffer from substance abuse.

    To get started, simply visit www.smartrecovery.org where you can find an online community or a local group that hosts meetings. Visit the message boards and find the discussion that fits your needs.

    SMART Recovery Offerings

    SMART Recovery provides educational and mental health programs for those facing many types of addiction. Through these programs and meetings, people receive peer support from those with shared experiences.

    Online Meetings 

    Those wanting to participate in SMART Recovery will appreciate the fact that they have many offerings, even online meetings. If you prefer face-to-face meetings, consider a zoom meeting.

    For those looking to be active in help groups online, SMART has plenty to offer. For instance, you can use the chat rooms and message boards to discuss your recovery journey. 

    4-Point Program

    The 4-point program SMART Recovery offers is based on:

    1. building and maintaining motivation to change
    2. coping with the urges to use
    3. managing thoughts, behaviors, and feelings in a healthy way
    4. living a positive and balanced life

    This program is based on motivations and goals. The program also focuses on emotions and behaviors. The program is straightforward, organized, and helps those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction change their behavior.

    Drawing From Different Approaches

    SMART Recovery meetings include various forms of peer discussion. To attend meetings, you do not need to register or contact the facilitator. Everyone is welcome to attend. 

    Some of the forms of therapy that work well alongside SMART include cognitive behavioral therapy and Alcoholics Anonymous. Peer support groups in combination with therapy and other evidence-based addiction treatment help many overcome drug abuse or alcohol abuse.

    The Benefits Of SMART Recovery

    SMART Recovery offers many benefits. Not only can you learn useful ways to let go of your substance use, you’ll also learn about self-acceptance and self-empowering techniques. 

    Listening to others discuss their history with drug addiction can give you better insight into drug dependence and tolerance, as well as developing a path for moving forward. 

    If you or a loved one need help with addiction, please contact us today to learn more about substance abuse treatment programs.

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